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The Pet Stop fence brand is not only the most programmable, adjustable, and technologically advanced dog fence. As your local Pet Stop Dealer, we have 23 years of providing the best training, installation, and service for underground dog fencing. In fact, we are the only local company that will completely train your dog to your professionally installed Pet Stop dog fence.

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Pet Stop’s electric dog fences protect the beauty and open space of your yard while keeping your dogs happy, healthy, and safe at home. Other companies manufacture similar systems, but only Pet Stop is 100% USA made. Pet Stop offers UltraCare, the best warranty in the business and GentleSteps™, an entirely gentle training program to help pets get accustomed to their new system as quickly and safely as possible. Pet Stop also offers a fully rechargeable receiver – the EcoLite™. Check us out, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Pet Stop® is the Best Dog Fence You’ll Never See.

BlackLogo Invisible Fence_Grid_Mobile Dog-Guard_Grid_Mobile Dog-Watch_Grid_Mobile
Manufacturing Company Green check mark Perimeter Technologies, Inc.
Design, Engineering & Manufacturer
Radio Systems Corporation
By Contract Manufacturers
Sunward Electronics, Inc.
By Contract Manufacturer
Dogwatch, Inc.
By Contract Manufacturer
Designed & Manufactured Green check mark U.S.A
(Morgantown, PA)
By Petsafe
Won't Disclose
(Parts Assembled In USA)
(Parts Assembled In USA)
Equipment Warranty Green check mark Lifetime
All Containment Products
Standard 1 Year
Lifetime On Some Products
Standard 2 Years
Lifetime For Additional Fee
Green check mark Lifetime
All Containment Products
Dog Chew Warranty Green check mark Yes Green check mark Yes Won't Disclose Green check mark Yes
Dealer Network Green check mark Large (>150 Dealers) Green check mark Large (>150 Dealers) Small (1-75 Dealers) Green check mark Large (>150 Dealers)
Cross-Brand Compatibility Green check mark Programmable for Compatibility None None None
Signal Type & Options Green check mark
  • DM (Digital)
  • 5 Frequencies
  • 5 Modulations
  • AM (Digital)
  • 2 Frequencies
  • 2 Modulations
  • DM (Digital/Analog)
  • 2 Frequencies
  • 1 Modulation
  • FM (Digital)
  • 2 Frequencies
  • 1 Modulation
Lightning Protection Green check mark
  • On-Board (All Transmitters)
  • Supplemental Protection Available
Requires Additional Protection Green check mark On-Board (All Transmitters) Green check mark On-Board (All Transmitters)
Programmable Configurations Green check mark Over 9000
Owner Adjustable
'Thousands' Not Specified
Requires Dealers Services To Adjust
Not Programmable 'Over 100' Not Specified
Owner Adjustable
Training Levels Green check mark 9 Ultra Low Levels None None None
Containment Levels Green check mark 32
Employs Progressive Correction
5 32 20
Independent Collar Settings Green check mark All Settings Independent Green check mark All Settings Independent Some Independent Settings Some Independent Settings
Contact Post Options Green check mark 8
3 Comfort Contacts, 4 Stainless Steel,
1 GentleSpring Retractable
Rigid Stainless Steel Only
Rigid Nickel-plated Brass
Rigid Stainless Steel Only
Receiver Collar Options


Green check mark
  • Elite™ S1 (1.2 oz)
  • UltraElite™ S2 (1.3 oz)
  • UltraTuff™ S2 (2.0 oz)
  • UltraMax™ S2 (2.3 oz)
  • EcoLite™ S2 (.88 oz)
  • MicroLite™ (1.0 oz)
  • R21 Titanium (1.6 oz)
  • R22 Platinum (1.9 oz)
  • DG5000 (2.4 oz)
  • DG9000XT (2.9 oz)
  • DG Micro (1.8 oz)
  • R1200 (2.2 oz)
  • R1200m (1.7 oz)
  • R9 (2.2 oz)
  • R7 (1.7 oz)
  • R7 Mini (1.3 oz)
Rechargeable Receiver Green check mark EcoLite™
Rechargeable SmartReceiver
None None None
Additional Receiver Options

(varies by model)

Green check mark
  • GentleSteps™ Training mode
  • 3-Level Stopper™ Mode
  • Variable Distance Settings
  • Anti-Run Through Technology™
  • Indoor/Outdoor Setting
  • SmartDoor RFID
  • Not Programmable
  • No Low Battery Light
  • Auto-Memory
  • "Tattletale" Light

Only Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems have GentleSteps™ — the perfect marriage of product technology and the latest light-touch training methods to quickly and easily familiarize your dog with his/her new fencing system.

GentleSteps utilizes ultra-low levels of training collar stimulation during the critical initial training phase that leaves your dog happy and secure in the safety of your yard. A solution born from experience members of our very own Pet Stop® network of pet fencing professionals theorized that using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the training phase would speed the training process by reducing stress levels commonly associated with traditional containment training. This unique soft-touch training method allows Pet Stop clients to focus on more positive experiences such as freedom in the yard to run and play.

Avoiding negative association is far easier with the low fence levels introduced with GentleSteps. Now the gentler training method needed an equally unique training tool, and the Pet Stop® design team was ready for the challenge. By utilizing the most advanced pet fencing system available, you and your Pet Stop Professional will determine the right amount of soft touch required to have your dog learning her new boundaries quickly, and most important, happily.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Nina Oskar
Nina Oskar
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
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We recently moved to Chesapeake VA and used Tim and his team to install our invisible fence for our two basset hounds. We were very skeptical at first since hounds are extremely stubborn but after two training session and a final check in and adjustment by Tim in person we haven’t had any issues. We highly recommend it has been wonderful for our hounds!
Lauren Caldas
Lauren Caldas
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Better than ever dreamed! Our new puppy needed an electric fence. Pet stop advised me on the best design and then did the training. Our Waffles, an Irish doodle, was trained in 1.5 of the 3 days of training. It is so nice to be able to just let her out of the house versus go outside each time. Also as a runner, I have been so impressed- she is well trained and respects the fence barrier for passing runners and dogs. Definitely would recommend!
Clay Carroll
Clay Carroll
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
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These guys were recommended by a friend of mine and they were very responsive and exactly what they said they would do. I tried the remote fences and had success with my last dog but our new puppy could care less about the wireless fence. Tim at Pet Stop gave a guarantee that they would have the dog trained or my money back and it has been a lifesaver.
Woody Johnson
Woody Johnson
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
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We decided on using Pet Stop for our invisible dog fence install, and it has been working great. The install took a single day, and they were able to work around some of the specifics on where and how we wanted the fence installed without any issue. The included dog training followed the next day, and the trainer did a great job at showing the dogs how they should react to the fence, and also gave me insight on how to continue the training. Our dogs have adapted perfectly to it, and they can now actually spend time out in the yard around our property without us having to worry about them wondering off into the woods.
Heath Randall
Heath Randall
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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They installed an invisible fence at our new house. I am extremely satisfied with the overall customer service that was provided. The installer (I can't recall his name at the moment) was awesome and so was Jillian the trainer. I am beyond thankful for their quick response and how they checked to be sure everything was fine after they left. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for their services.
Alice Ranker
Alice Ranker
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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Tim was quick to respond when we were first interested in installing a fence. This option for fencing was ideal for us due to our property line and we have a power line behind us that would prohibit a traditional fence. We have also used this to enforce the training that we did with our puppy early on. We highly recommend Pet Stop to all of our Dog Lover Friends.

Dog Fence System That Connects To Your Phone!

With Link™ you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will we. We can also make adjustments remotely!

Imagine a dog fence system that connects to your smart phone. That monitors your pet’s behavior and sends you a notification if a setting needs to be changed. A setting you send to your dog’s collar with a quick click.

Link™ makes it all so easy. This breakthrough technology forever changes the peace-of-mind you get from your Pet Stop dog fence system.


Imagine a Pet Stop Blue Tooth System that actually Monitors your Pet’s Behavior and Sends you Notifications on your Smart Phone’s Link App if a setting needs to be changed, alerts you to your dog’s behavior in his fence or that over the next 5-7 days your Link™ needs charging. You make the needed adjustment without a Service Call or having to mail the collar to the dealer’s office to make a programing change. No other company offers American Made Technology Like Pet Stop. Link™ is simply amazing. You Control Everything! It’s all there at your fingertips.
Screenshots of Pet Stop app on 5 smart phones

Complete Dog Fence System

Our Commercially Manufactured Dog Fence System is superior — giving you complete assurance that your pet will be Safe and Secure. Our system includes a computerized receiver weighing in at only ¾ ounces, diagnostic, 25 year recharging life, patented probes and 100% is water proof, a digitally designed transmitter produces a signal field stronger, more accurate and faster than AM or FM transmissions. Pet Stop Brand is, “Safer By Design for Greater Peace of Mind” providing best-in-class manufacturer’s warranty called ULTRA CARE™ lifetime guaranteed, transferable, containment and electronics warranty. We will contain any dog on any property or we will refund 100% of your purchase price!

Product Photo - Pet Stop kit, photo of Pet Stop app on smart phone, transmitter, Pet Stop collar and charging station

Eco-Lite™ System w/Link™ Blue Tooth Technology

The Eco-Lite Plus™ Receiver is State-of-the-Art in Electronic Dog Fence Technology. No more Invisible Fence Brand batteries to replace every 3 months Or Dog Watch Battery Collars Weighing 6 times the weight of the Pet Stop Brand Link Receiver . It’s the first Professional-Grade Receiver that permits 25 Year Recharging, for 2-3 Hours, Lasting 4-6 weeks on each charge. It’s smallest, lightest and features a Pet Stop App with Blue Tooth Control for your Smart Phone. Link™ comes with a Pet Stop Charging Station Plus™ (Diagnostics with a 7 Point Testing Sequence that checks your Link Receiver for faults every time it’s charged), giving you Peace of Mind that you’ll discover any problems before your dog does.

One of the many features of the Eco-Lite Link Receiver is its versatility. Previously containing highly determined dogs required replacing the receiver, scheduling a service call with your dealer or mailing your dog’s collar to their office, but no longer. With Pet Stop Link it is as easy as changing a setting in your Pet Stop App; thanks to Blue Tooth Technology you now have complete control over your Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence and your dog’s Link Receiver at your fingertips. Just another reason to choose Pet Stop Brand. Of course, the Link Blue Tooth comes standard with UltraCare Plus™ coverage.

Charging Station Plus

Patented technology that tests your receiver every time it’s charged giving you Peace of Mind that you’ll discover any problems before your pet.

Introducing the Battery-Free EcoLite™ Receiver

at only ¾ ounce Rechargeable Receiver w/Charging Station Diagnostics

Product Photo - Pet Stop kit, photo of Pet Stop collar and charging cords and port

We provide services for all electronic pet containment systems:

We can service all brands of electronic fencing, both professionally installed and DIY systems. We have the right tools to fix your system quickly.

Call us today for service rates and to schedule a visit.

Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence® brand, we share a common origin – Pet Stop® President John Purtell is none other than the original founder and president of Invisible Fence Company®!

Together with former Invisible Fence® Chief Engineer Scott Touchton, and former Invisible Fence® Manufacturing Engineer Richard Kapolka, Pet Stop® brand is the most dependable, most experienced professional pet containment company in the industry.

Here at Pet Stop of Virginia, Inc., we want you to enjoy the freedom of your pet fence and maintaining your fence helps to keep your pet safe.

Contact your local Pet Stop dealer today! We would love for you to be part of the Pet Stop® family!