The Importance of Training for Your Dog Fence

Dog being trained by owner

When it comes to electric dog fencing, most people don’t think twice about training. Whether looking for a buried-wire solution or a standalone GPS collar, we tend to think that our dogs will quickly understand what the collar is trying to tell them. If your dog is anything like mine, the reality is that they are highly driven, easily distracted animals. When a dog doesn’t receive proper training for a hidden fence, you will find that they will often be able to sprint across the barrier if they really want to chase that ball into the neighbor’s yard. Traditional training involves a heavy-handed, negative-reinforcement based approach. Sudden shocks with no context are frightening and confusing for your dog.

Many companies will mention training as part of their installation routine, but there is fine print. You’ll find that the installer will often provide an introductory training routine for your dog, and they will show you how to finish the training. The problem is, a professional trainer knows how to deal with issues unique to each dog they encounter; you don’t. And of course, if you purchase a standalone GPS collar, the best the company can do for you is provide you with a one-size-fits-all webinar.

The number one issue we encounter with dog fence owners is that they didn’t finish their training program! The key to your dog being successfully contained is that they go through a complete training program. The best trainer to do that for you is one that does it every single day. Our trainers make the process quick and easy. 

What can I do to make sure my pet gets the training they need?

The good news is that there is an easy solution. When you get a Pet Stop dog fence, we provide you with our GentleSteps™ training program with our Complete Professional Packag*. GentleSteps training is a modern incremental training program that reduces problems more commonly associated with traditional training. We use barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation (just a tickle!) during the inital training phase. Our trainers take care of the whole process for you — no extra work for you! This low-stress, humane approach will not only keep your dog happier during the training process, it also is proven to be more effective! While other companies may promote similar types of training, only Pet Stop offers levels this low and makes gradual adjustment this easy. Once your training is complete, our customer service team will provide you with answers to any questions you might have about your dog fence.

While other pet fencing companies may promise a smooth experience with your pet fence, I would encourage you to read into the fine print, and pay attention to what they aren’t telling you. This is especially noticeable with GPS collar sellers, where the setup is the first and only focus. We are confident that we offer a top-of-the-line training program for your dog, and it comes with a guarantee that your dog will be 100% contained!

Whether you are in the market for a dog fence or you’re having issues with your current dog fence, contact us and we can help you get on the right track towards a worry-free solution.

*This offer is guaranteed for Pet Stop of Virginia and Pet Stop of Central Florida. Other Pet Stop dealers may differ.